angels without wings

I made the first papier mâché standing angel at Newcastle-upon -Tyne university. I liked spending time in the quiet refuge of the city graveyards and kept returning to an eroded carving of a flying angel on one of the headstones, discovering that it afforded me the freedom to paint beyond what I saw in reality.

The angel flew over the graveyard and I began to use it for convenient reference in my work. The standing angel was based on a photograph of myself, wearing my Grandma’s nightie. After university it travelled around with me; getting bashed and repaired it grew in significance.

Over twenty years later, I made eight more standing angels to form an exhibition ‘Angels without Wings’ at the Walcot Chapel gallery in Bath 2011 – in the realization that we can embrace the space within and beyond us, as one and the same; the material and immaterial aspects of our lives are inextricably linked.

I also produce them in concrete, cast from the original angel – garden sculptures to celebrate and commemorate.

papier mache angel sculptures

The angels stand approx. 109cm tall, 56cm wide (off their plinths). The base for the papier mâché angels is made from bog oak and the concrete ones stand on a stone block.

Both the indoor and outdoor sculptures are available for commission, please email me for more information, via the contact page.